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Hello there!

I know I just started this blog and already am lacking of posts. But honestly, that’s not a big problem, I think blogging is something you do for fun and for yourself, so I am not going to apologize if I don’t write every day.

I was wandering around the Internet yeasterday and spotted some nice things, both things I’d like to have and things I just love to look at. Enjoy!

(Dior dress spotted on Elle.com)

Benefit, the make up collectionΒ  I’ve recently fallen in love with. I stalked their products for the entire day, last Saturday (the security guy was even following me), but unfortunately I can’t afford it right now. I also love their philosophy =)

Just an inspiring picture of a wonderful girl, found on this lovely blog.

Lilac hair, I am going to try some mΓ¨ches in my hair some day. It always fails, I tried blue, light blue and purple, the only one which lasted was orange (which soul’ve been red) and I was 10, haha.


I am at my parents’ for the weekend, so I’ll have some time to spend with the boyfriend. I am so looking forward to see him. Have a nice day you all, hope spring is showing its face there!

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