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I just came back from the first exam of this summer session. I found this funny way of getting to know each other better on Sandra’s blog, so if you want to,  aswer to the same questions! I would love to read your answers!

Current Book(s): I am reading the books I have to study for University: History, French, English,.. I hope I will finally have some time to read I book I actually want to read soon.

Current Playlist: Jack Johnson and Caro Emerald

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Not much, but I often open the jar where we keep the muesli in, and just eat the raisins.

Current Color: Orange, my favorite colour when I was little, hated it for years and now I am beginning to appreciate it again.

Current Drink:  Chai and Vanilla tea, I tried it today for the first time, I am not a fan of Vanilla, but love this one

Current Food: Cherries

Current Favorite Show: DWDD, a dutch programme I watch when I’m with my parents.

Current Wishlist:  An adventure holiday and a new camera to take beautiful pictures, is that too much? =)

Current Needs: Slow down a bit and learn many things, like breathing and relaxing.

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: Not having enough time.

Current Celebrity (Girl) Crush: Kate Winslet.

Current Outfit: Dresses, bare feet and hoodies for the evening (perfect for these days at home)

Current Excitement: Last exams are getting closer, after which I will have some time to do what I like.


Current Link: www.rostlaub.com , go and get a glimpse at their fabulous internet art projects!