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Just a few random facts for today.  I will head to the city by car, driving exactly through these mountains. I took this photo yesterday, it was beautiful.

  • I added Cathegories to the blog, so that you can sort the posts out following your interests, if you want. In the right sidebar you will find some buttons I drew yeasterday, hope you like them!
  • I also added a translation plugin in the right sidebar, so I won’t have to translate everything everytime. I enjoy translating, it’s what I want to do with in my life, but I think this blog has to be genuine and if I keep translating everything I also become so lazy that sometimes I prefer not posting at all. I know this kind of translation has nothing to do with real translations, and I think they are so superifial, but at least readers speaking other languages will have a general idea. Oh when I start writing of translation I can’t stop!
  • It has been raining for three days in a row. I am not complaining, though. I will start complaining when I will be free from exams and I will have to stay home because of the rain.
  • I am so looking forward for holidays. My eyes are seriously rectangular. I wake up at 6 or 7 am and work at my thesis until 5 pm. My butt is rectangular as well.
  • I would love to swim right now, but dancing in the rain in ok too.
  • I adore reading cookbooks, I seriously cannot stop. However I am looking forward to read “real” books after I will have finished reading so much for exams and essays.
  • The thing I dream of the most is moving to Holland with Roberto. This is the thought that keeps me going. A lot of people out there inspire me, but this thought..is just what I want. My biggest wish. Italy is beautiful, as living with my parents is, but, hey, that time is past. Really.
  • Another big dream of mine is baking. Being the mom, one day, who will bake cakes for the special event, break for everyday and special dishes when we will have guests.

Hope you will have a great Wednesday. I read it’s pouring everywhere, so I won’t feel alone!

Bye lovelies!

Per gli italofoni: scusate, ma non ce la faccio più a tradurre ogni post integralmente. Volendo fare la traduttrice sembra un po’ una stupidata, ma ho aggiunto un plugin per wordpress nella sidebar a destra che vi permetterà di capire a grandilinee che cosa sto scrivendo (a giganti linee).

Questo perchè quando scrivo il blog preferisco scrivere di getto, e lo faccio. Ma quando poi devo tradurre mi viene da ripensare e a volte a cambiare quello che avevo scritto in inglese. Inoltre impiegherò molto tempo in meno e potrò dedicarmi a tradurre testi per lavoro o studio. Spero capiate!