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I have been thinking of what I want to achieve with no doubt this summer, and when Elsie shared her list I thought it would be funny to do the same. I thought a bit about it, and came to some conclusions: my list is too long, it couldn’t be enumerated on a piece of paper without losing all its creativity =). Therefore I just chose the main points on which I want to focus.

  • This exams session is my last one. I am having a hard time, studying at least 10 hours a day. But I’m doing well and passed all of the exams I did until now. When I’ll finish, I will have one month to relax, or better, figure out what I want to do next, fiish writing the thesis ans so on.
  • Photography is always inspiring me. Not only on blogs, but in everyday life, when I see a camera I am interested in what kind of camera it is, when I see photographs I wonder when, where, who shoot it, and while I’m living my daily life I find tons of things I would love to be able to photograph well. That includes food photography, nature photography, people, animals, villages and streets.
  • I spend hours browsing around your beautiful blogs. Looking for inspiration, nice words to encourage me in my dailyl ife (I am not the most confident person, most of time I don’t like myself, and anxiety seems to be my best friend). I need to decrease the amount of time looking for people telling what I have to do, and live instead, just remind myself that it’s me who has to act, do, tell people I love them, show them I am worth it and smile.
  • My character gets in my way so often. I am so shy, I always feel akward, even in my family and that doesn’t allow me to stay in touch with the people I love and like the most. There are just three or four people I feel comfortable to speak with in my life, and now that my University years are ending I do not want to lose their friendship. Never. Ever.
  • I have so many dreams and plans for the after-graduations phase on my life. I want to be with Roberto, go living with him, that for sure. But where? How? There are so many big question marks in my head, and I will have to leave some dreams behind me in order to make the other ones come true. Anyway, I hope I will be able to find some translation-related job, and that Roberto and I will be happy, that’s all.
  • The star one, that’s the key! I just have to read this over and over again and do it. Just do it. Take a breath and jump.