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When? I think it was in 2007

Where? Turin

Who? Lou Reed

I think I was about 17, I already knew I wanted to go live in Turin the year after. There was a festival organized: my dad is always informed about everything involving music he likes, and he likes a lot of music. He has been listening to The Velvet Underground and Lou Reed for years and, for this reason, I knew well some of his songs, even if I had no idea of who he was. I just liked the banana cover by Andy Warhol, you know.

I was a bit nervous, I thought I would have been the only young girl there, what a stupid idea! I would have been the only one with my parents, and so on and so forth.

Anyway, the concert was in a park in Turin. There were about 20.000 people. That was a bit different from my first concert! We listened to Lou Reed’s cd all the way to the concert, so, once I came there, I knew all the songs by heart.

On the stage there was a real orchestra and a choir of children. That was going to be amazing! All the stress and thoughts I had before going were gone.

Well, the concert was great, I loved the combination of Lou Reed’s voice with the soft voices of the children and the beautiful instruments of the orchestra.

The thing I love about concerts is the enthusiasm. Not much that of the before, when everyone pushes to get in front of the stage and so on, but the enthusiasm of the after is what I really love. People commenting on how great and unforgettable it all was, recall what they have just seen and heard, and smile because the just heard some good music, maybe of their favorite artist. That’s the spirit of a concert.

And seeing so many people of different ages, enjoying the music of a great artist that is part off the history of music..that’s such an honour and an unforgettable experience.