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  • Writing this very random post now, scheduling it for tomorrow. I’m excited for this new series of mine. I am going to start posting recipes, tips and photos soon. I have so many ideas whirlwinding in my head, hope they will lead somewhere.
  • In 10 hours and 33 minutes I will be in a classroom probably waiting for the teacher to arrive (Exam!). I will be with my best friend, and that makes me less anxious. What increases my fear is that this teacher is known to be very very strict. Think that tomorrow at this time you will be with Roberto sipping on a cup of tea, Juliette.
  • Just found a wonderful blog thanks to a random link I clicked on a random tweet.
  • Drove 4 hours today, will drive another 4 tomorrow. Jack Johnson was singing with me.
  • May was sunny, June is being cloudy and rainy. July, please, be nice, and you August, even more, because when you’ll arrive I will have some days to enjoy your sunny weather, ok? Thanks.
  • Roberto is getting angry at me everytime I bite my nails. He like when I put nailpolish on, the most colorful ones. Haven’t done it in a long while, just because my hands are horrible.