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Today I thought it would be nice to abandon Cherries and Raspberries for a while, just because I’ll have an indigestion of them.

The easiest tea, easier than easy, if you have these two plants in your garden.

This tea is good, cleansing, help if you have a soar throat aaand I think tea is good for every occasion, every time of the day, for everyone, so, make it!

Thyme and Sage Tea

  • a few twigs of Thyme
  • a handful Sage leaves
  • Boiling water

Put everything in the boiling water, wait 5 minutes (or more, depending on hoe strong you want your tea to be) and drink. Add honey, sugar or other sweeteners if you want, but it’s also delicious without them.

Question. As a child, I used to take Sage leaves and use them to “brush” my teeth. Did you do that too?
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