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My favorite cookbook is “A piece of Cake” by Leila Lindholm. Not just because the recipes contained in it are delicious ideas and make my mouth water, but also because the photos are beautiful, the layout is fantastic and, well, I thing she’s beautiful.

I was browsing through the book, when in the introduction to the recipe for Lavender Cookies, she suggests to make Lavender Sugar, to sweeten your icecream (well, I don’t like sugar on my icecream at all, but maybe you do?), yogurt, or any other dessert. And, most of all, it looks beautiful in a pretty jar!

So I picked lavender, from the neighbour (shh!) and decided on making a short video.

– My little self is not happy if I’m not awkward everytime I do something, so you will notice I struggled with the lid because it didn’t want to close: he won –

You’ll just need lavender and sugar, in the proportions that you like the most. After this easy peasy process you just have to wait for a week or two, in order for the sugar to take the flavour of the lavender. That’s it.

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