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Today Roberto and I went picking the last cherries from the neighbours tree. I know, I am a thief. We both are. Roberto is my partner in crime. (No, seriously, my neighbour is not living there anymore, and his cherries would be lost. He also planted a cherry tree some years ago telling me he was planting it for me, fo that I would have cherries when I would came to visit my old house someday, sweet, isn’t it?)

We wanted to make a fort, and eat cherries in it, take pictures and talk a little. Go back to childhood for a while. We didn’t do it, because we had so many plans for today, and I also had to get ready to drive to the city, where I am now, so we just picked the cherries.

Roberto shoot some pics, there wasn’t supposed to be any outfit post, but he is enjoying learning how to take pictures and is starting to love photography. I was his muse, haha, don’t laugh too hard!

I am a bit over the outfit posts love, most of all regarding myself actually. I still love looking at other girls’ style, their different choices, etc. It’s just that I don’t want to be another one adding to the group, I am not the most fashionable girl, I assure you. Posting some photos every now and then, however, is not making this a fashion blog and cannot do any bad, right?

Here are some of the pictures. I was wearing the new dress I bought at H&M the last time I was here, 9,90 euro.. Cheap dresses are my favorite purchases. They make me happy.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend so far.

Oh, and Roberto and I have a Pinterest account now We use it both, but follow us if you want to. We just collect inspiration for our future together: yes, we’re planning on traveling, moving to Holland, and having a family someday. Are we asking too much?