Photo: Little Omar and little me. We grew up together, we were like brother and sister.

Blogpost: This is the post I wrote exactly one year ago. I had another blog, I feel more organized regarding blogging right now, I learnt to take better pictures, but still have to learn a lot. I had made Strawberry jam that day, this year it’s Raspberry year. Strawberries don’t want to show up. I was feeling sad, that period is still lasting and I can’t believe it has been almost two years since I started feeling this way. However, this blog will stay a happy place, and I am going to share with you the things that make me smile and feel better!

Idea: A photo an hour by two of my favorite bloggers: Stephanie and Kyla

Song Dancing – Elisa

Thought: Turin is a beautiful city. I love the culture, history and art it offers, the fantastic places to visit, the parks where people can lay in the sun, picnic, run, play. But honeslty, living here is a whole different story. It’s not the nicest thing.

Website: Photoshop’s new on-line editor. I never got the chance to buy photoshop, but I have so wanted to try it. Here is a simple, free way to try it. Go and give a look!

Thing that made me smile: meeting my friends from University, going to drink a coffee together and chatting for an hour, without noticing the itme passing, thinking about our future and promising we will visit each other when we’ll be far away.