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when I invited you to participate to the series “From the Garden to the Kitchen” I came into contact with this very nice girl. Her name is Kristy, and she blogs over at Gastronomical Soveregnty. Her subheader says it all: she loves good, ethical, local food and a glass of wine.

She didn’t share with me just one recipe, she sent me four recipes in one for a delicious Antipasti Platter!


Garden to Kitchen Series – Anti-Pasti Platter
Slow Roasted Vegetables: Beets, Garlic, & Cherry Tomatoes.
Count on a small handful of each veg and 1/2 a garlic head per person.
What you’ll need: 
The above mentioned veg + 5 Cloves Garlic.
1 Tbsp Chopped Rosemary.
Some Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Kosher Salt & Fresh Cracked Pepper.
What to Do:
Pre-heat the oven to 300 degrees F. Toss each veg with all of the above except the rosemary. On one pan, lay a single layer of the tomatoes, cut in half, with the extra garlic on a parchment lined baking sheet. Roll the garlic and the rosemary in a piece of foil and wrap tightly – set on the same tray as the tomatoes. In a roasting pan, chuck in the beets and cover. Place both pans in the oven.
After 1 hour, remove the garlic and the beets. Set aside to cool. Once cool, peel the beets and slice thinly; remove the garlic from the foil. Continue to slow roast the tomatoes for 1 to 2 hours longer until gooey and they start to caramelize on the sheet – remove to cool.
Fast Roasted Food: Kale Chips & Baguette via Wild Fire Bakery (http://www.wildfirebakery.ca/)
What you’ll need:
The above mentioned ingredients.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
2 Cloves Garlic, shelled and cut in half.
Pinch of Cumin.
Pinch of Red Pepper Flakes.
Juice of Half a Lemon.
Kosher Salt & Fresh Cracked Black Pepper.
What to Do:
Set your broiler to high. First, slice your bread at an angle to 1″ slices. On 2 separate baking sheets, lay a single layer of kale chips and bread. Drizzle both lightly with with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. For the kale, sprinkle with cumin, pepper flakes, and lemon juice. Place both in the oven under the heat. After a couple minutes remove when the kale is crispy and the bread is golden. Set kale aside to cool. Rub cut garlic over the warm bread and let cool.
Fire Roasted Vegetables: 2 Bell Peppers & Grilling Onions. 
What you’ll need:
The above mentioned veg.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
What to Do:
Pre-heat your Grill to medium-high heat. Toss the veg with the oil. Place on hot grill, turning every 3-5 minutes as the outside blackens. Once charred, throw the peppers in a sealable bag and close. Let sit 10 minutes, remove, allow to cool slightly and peel back the charred skin – oh flavour! Slice the peppers in half, removing the stem and seeds and then slice thinly. Set aside. While the peppers cool, cut the tops off the onions and remove the charred outside. Separate layers and set aside.
Rhubarb Compote (courtesy of Tart and Heathered: http://tartandheathered.blogspot.com/)
What you’ll need:
1 Large Handful of Fresh Rhubarb, cut into 1″ chunks.
1/4 C Water.
1/4 C Local Honey – but any sweetener will do.
What to Do:
Toss all of the above in a medium size sauce pan. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat and then lower the temperature to medium. Reduce until the rhubarb breaks up and excess water cooks away. Let cool – serve.
Extras for the platter: Pickled Veg, Marinated Olives, and Charcuterie Meats (Porchetta di testa, Pate de Campagne, Lonzino, Bresaola, Stage House Salami, & Smoked Veal Tongue) from Stage Wine Bar (http://stagewinebar.com/) – all of which they cure in house; Cheese (I used Camembert from Quebec, Salt Spring Island Goat Cheese (http://www.saltspringcheese.com/) , Little Qualicum Cheeseworks Blue cheese and their marinated feta (http://www.cheeseworks.ca); A few non-local pieces of boccancini – had to use them up; And honey from B’s Honey (http://www.beeshoney.ca); Fresh Milan Turnips sliced to a quarter of an inch.
NOW: ASSEMBLE! Chuck everything on an assortment of platters, dishes, bowls, etc… don’t forget a knife or two for the cheeses, a spoon for the compote and the honey, etc… Serve. Eat. Enjoy.


Thank you so much Kristy for your idea!

I hope you will visit her blog and say hi to her on her blog Gastronomical Sovereignty

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