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I have naturally thick hair. I used to hate it. I also hated that it’s naturally blonde. (I know, many girls would love to be blonde, especially here in the mediterranean area).However, I am very happy with my natural colour right now, even if sometimes I would like colour it of some crazy colour like baby blue or purple.

I want to let my hair grow the longest possible, I have kind of a round face, and long hair disguises it a bit. On Saturday I’m going to the hairdresser’s though, I will just let it thin out.

I have collected some pictures that inspire me for what to do with my hair. I am that girl that is always thinking of what doing with it to be more pretty, but actually always leave it as she wakes up, haha. I love messy hair, but sometimes my messy is just a bit too much.

Aaand I wash it way too often, straighten it and never let it dry naturally. That’s not good, I know. In fact it is very dry at the moment. Let’s work on it!

What do you think? How much time do you spend every day for your hair? Do you prefer accurate looks or messy buns?

Photos collected on our Pinterest account.