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It was 2002 and I was 12 years old. I was at Schiphol, the airport of Amsterdam, and I saw Avril Lavigne’s cd. I begged my mum to buy it. I liked her song “Complicated” so much, I had no idea what a music video was (I lived a bit out of the world), neither did I know what MTV was. I just wanted my first “International” cd. All for myself.

Since that day I listened to that cd about 3000 times. Even my parents know the lyrics by heart. It’s incredible. Everyone has his own band or singer, which accompanied you through your adolescence, right? Avril Lavigne was mine.

I know most of people saw her like Justin Bieber is now seen, a sort of idol for little kids. Well, she was actually, but I don’t see what’s bad about that.

In 2004 her second album “Under my skin” came out. I was thrilled and fell even more in love with her music. Meanwhile, I was growing and started listening to other music as well.

In 2007 her third album”The Best Damn Thing” came out. I was very very disappointed, I liked one or two songs, hated the other ones. I guess I was a bit over it, there she went, my idol was just like all the other singers.

In the same year, however, she was coming to Italy, in Rome (that’s 800 km from here, not close at all), but I decided I would love to see her live at once at least. Actually, I thought it would have been the proof that my “love” for her was over, I had heard her sing live on a dvd before, and, honestly, it was not the best performance.

I asked Fela, one of my best friends, to come with me. He did. Around 8 hours in the train, but it was worth it, I thought.

A long lovestory of three years had just ended and I had been dating a guy for three weeks, when, the night before leaving for Rome, I found out he was cheating on me. I felt horrible, but decided that trip would be the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life. So it was.

Nine hours we stayed waiting in the sun for the concert to start, then she jumped on the stage, that little crazy girl, and, well, I was happy. I lost Fela, I was alone and for the first time in my life I was feeling ok being alone (also methaforically). Singing along helped of course!

I must admit I loved that concert. It has been one of the best experiences of my life. It gave me the strength to get over it, close that chapter forever.

You know what? The same night I found out that guy was cheating on me I was introduced to a guy. His name is Roberto and around a month later we started dating. Now he’s sitting next to me, almost four years later, and I am madly in love with him. And you know what we will be doing in September? We are going to a concert of Avril Lavigne together! She may not be my favorite singer anymore, there are lots of bands and more intense, beautiful songs around, but still, she is my adolescence idol.

Who was your adolescence idol? Did his/ her songs help you through some difficult moments?