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I have been trying to blog on a daily basis lately, and it was a success actually. I have managed to blog everyday for a long while now. I focus a lot of what I could be writing on this blog during the day. That is not the best thing when I have books and books to study for my last exams, and a handsome, sweet boyfriend with whom to spend my weekends.

These two weeks will be filled with the last exams, then I will have some time to enjoy summer and in November I will graduate.

I have many ideas for this blog, but if it’s not going to be an everyday-something I would feel more free and inspired probably. I will blog just when I feel like it,it could be as well everyday, but that’s not for sure. That’s just a random thought which was whirldwinding in my head lately.

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying photographing and crafting a lot in my spare time. I am learning new skills and I am enjoying learning things that are not related to school.Roberto and I had dinner dates on the beach, we rode on our bikes, painted, cooked, sung. All things I love doing and I want to savour, remember and feel inside of me, in my heart.

It’s a real summery day today, and I have to study Business in English for the exam of Wednesday. I will lay on the balcony studying, because I am lucky to have one and not to have lots of neighbours surrounding us, yay.

Have a great week!