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I have no self-confidence at all, except for when I’m driving. I’ve always been very confident, I pay a lot of attention to what other people do, I know they might do something wrong and that I could do it as well. I never go faster than the speed I feel confortable about. I don’t care if there are four cars behind me waiting to surpass me, but that doesn’t happen too often, I know this region very well and I thought it had no secrets for me anymore.

( photo by Bert Teunissen)

Yesterday I was driving, feeling a little light-hearted. I was coming back from the city, after an exam for which I got 30/30. I was feeling relieved: just one more exam before graduating.

Suddenly it started raining, a summer storm. I slowed down a bit, I kept my eyes open, there were not many cars this time and I felt good about driving, as usual. I was listening to this beautiful playlist (I think I won’t ever forget it). There were some slight bends, but not the usual ones of these bandy roads.

This song.

One bend after the other.

Suddenly I felt something was going wrong. A second that lasted an hour. The back wheels of the car were slipping and I had no control over the car anymore. I was totally powerless.

I sheered in the other direction, just an authomatic reaction. I was in the other lane. There was no car. I couldn’t stop. I just thought “This is it”. The strangest thing, actually, is that I thought “At least I am listening to a beautiful song”. What? No family, no flashes of my life, nothing of all this?

The car slid off the road, directly in a ravine. It stopped. I needed a few seconds to realize I was not injured, I had nothing, not even a scratch. Nothing. I looked at the dashbord, afraid to look at the car. I opened the door, stepped outside trembling: nothing, the car seemed to be ok. I couldn’t believe it.

I walked to the road, 200 meters away from the car. Two or three meters and I wouldn’t have been so lucky to write this post. Trees everywhere, trees on the other side of the road where I should have landed if I hadn’t sheered, trees a few meters before the point where I went out of track. The only point without tress was where that exact point where I could still see the signs of the wheels.

Thereafter I called my mum, Roberto, the police, and the mechanic who came with his breakdown track. A lovely old gentleman stopped and asked me if I was ok, he stayed with me until the moment I drove away, he was so nice.

I was still shaking and I drove home very very slow. I couldn’t believe I was alive,and that I had not even a scratch. And I still can’t.

My granny would tell me “There a little angel on my shoulder”.

Anyway, what I learnt is that I don’t have just to look out for what others do, look what I am doing, be very careful, look at the weather (it wasn’t raining anymore on that point, it was just a little wet). But stay alert always. Always.

Have a nice day lovely people!