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As I told you some days ago, Roberto is away for work, and will be away every week until the 14th of August. He is working overnight and he calls me for about 2 minutesΒ  everyday. He comes back every Saturday, but then he’s very tired and has to sleep a lot.

I miss him.

We have been away from each other for the last three years. We saw eachother at weekends, and we survived it, but after this period that he was with me every evening I got used to it.

I am lucky that I have to study, so I can’t think too much, and there’s a beautiful sun outside, I just swimmed for the first time this year and it felt so refreshing! I am teaching Italian to some ladies and I go to Pilates. I am busy and probably we shouldn’t get the chance to see each other that much anyway, but the distance, that is what kills me.

Anyway, stop complaining. I was just wondering if anyone else ever felt like Clementine and me.

Thinking back to these precious moments when we were on the beach with our bikes. I think I didn’t enjoy them enough, and now I am just thinking back and to the future, but this exact moment, isn’t it worth living and enjoying too? Of course it is! So, let’s think about it and love every moment!