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Yesterday I came home after a long drive and found out Kinfolk Magazine just launched. Actually, I did remember it because I was liked the concept of their Journal and their Manifesto very much , and I couldn’t wait for reading the first issue of their magazine.

Usually I just look at the pictures, read the headings and whenever I feel that behind a heading there will be a nice article I continue reading. Not this time. I read every single word, looked at every picture. Not just looked, I stared at them, the beautiful picture I would love one day to be able to take.

On-line magazines didn’t appeal to me that much. I prefer reading a real printed one. I gave this one a chance and I must admit I would do this again, and again.

The fact is that it contains not only beautiful photographs and great words, as I said, but there are also recipes, videos and music; all this with a natural, simple and inviting vibe.

I don’t know if they are also able to read minds, but last weekend Roberto and I had a few hours so spend with eachother. There is no better way of spending time together than surrounded by nature.

We went for a walk in the woods, talked and sung, took pictures and smiled; a lot. It felt great and it was the perfect way to get some energy back for the upcoming week, that was going to be very stressful.

Then we came home, picked some vegetables, a few mint leaves and coriander from the garden and prepared a easy, quick meal: tabulè and hummus with fresh water from the river. We lighted three candles on the balcony  and had a wonderful evening.