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It was around this time of the year, four years ago. We were sitting at a table of our favorite bar, like we did every evening, because we were 17, it was summer and we felt free. My best friend and I, we were always together, we were called “the froggies” for our obsession with the little green animals. I had broken up with my boyfriend a few months earlier after a three year long relationship, I had been dating a guy for one week, it was nothing serious and shortly after I found out he was not only dating me, but also another girl. That”s when our two week long story ended.

However, we were sitting at the table, sipping on a beato te, and chatting. Waiting to meet friends by chance, just knowing that in a small city like that if you sit at that bar, you will eventually meet a friend or two. Not long thereafter an acquaintance arrived, we greeted him and he asked if he could sit down with us and drink something together. He was with a friend, Roberto. Roberto introduced himself and we went on chatting like we were doing previously.

Then we thought of going for a walk. Nice idea. A small group had gathered and we were happily smiling and being silly. Elena and I actually didn’t pay much attention at the other people. There was a “sagra” next to the beach. That is a sort of town feast, with music and elderly people dancing. Playing a game we ended up pinching everyone of the group, and at last also though that everyone really meant everyone, therefore we had to pinch Roberto, the “new” guy, too. We did. He thought that we were crazy. End of the evening.

Some days after we were at the bar again. We met some friends, and surprisingly Roberto was there too. I already had found out the guy I was dating was cheating on me, so I was single, but didn’t want any realtionship. I just knew I would have been a “summer” thing, and I am more a girl for long-lasting, serious relationships. I wanted to stay alone and enjoy summer with my friends.

Drinking beer, walking on the beach, running and trying to throw water at the otherones; when I think of it it looks like one of the best movie in my head. It was magical: the warm breeze, walking barefoot, singing and going for another beer in another pub (I was a real beer girl those days).

Our group started to become more consolidated. We met every evening, the acquaitance and Roberto were becoming real friends. The grup grew, we were about 20-25 people and had so much fun. Anyway, strangely, the person with whom I felt better, with whom I didn’t feel like I had to hide part of myself, with whom I could be totally myself, was Roberto. That new guy who arrived unnoticed and just made me feel good. I loved the way he tried to make fun, I loved how he was involved in everything we did (including stealing 35 icecreams one day!).Β  However, I didn’t want to fall in love so quickly after my last story, I didn’t want anybody to ruin that wonderful time. And he didn’t looked too impressed by me.

Days went on, we went to concerts, parties and went home at 2 am everynight. I felt accepted by a group for the first time in my life and just felt like that was going to be a great summer.

This is how Roberto and I met. It’s incredible how fast these years flew by. Now we still don’t have many possibilities of staying together, but we are planning oh so many things for our lives together. I’d like to spend every single minute with him and I miss him a lot when he’s not here.

We took these pictures the evening he surprised me with the idea of going for a walk, then left me alone for a whileΒ  and came back with two bottle of beer. We talked about the past and the future, but most of all tried to live that moment at its best.