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Good morning lovely people!

First of all, today I am over at Kristy’s blog Gastonomical Sovereignty. I met her when I started the “from the Garden to the Kitchen” series, she is always enthusisastic about food, its use and most of all she writes about conscious eating in a wonderful way. Aaaand she’s a lovely woman. Go and say hi =).

I am sharing a recipe for a deliious, yet super easy Banana – Raspberry Smoothie, so make sure to take a look and try making it maybe, it will be worth it.





I am in a good mood today. I’m driving to Turin in an hour, and for the first time I’m not anxious,instead I’m excited! Roberto has been working nights in Milan, this morning he arrived in Turin and is probably sleeping in my bed right now. When I’ll arrive there I’ll wake him up with his breakfast and we will enjoy this day together.

But, why are we staying in a hot city while we could easily stay here, in the middle of nature, swimming in the river? Well, tomorrow is a day I have been waiting for for a long while: Jack Johnson will be in Vigevano tomorrow evening and we will be there to enjoy his concert. I am so happy, you know, I am sort of a concert monster, and this will be the most “relaxed” concert ’till now, but also one of the one I have been waiting for the most.

So, I won’t be here this weekend! And probably I am going to stay in Turin for University burocracy until wednesday. I hate staying in the city all alone, but I will have a great weekend behind me.

Have a great weekend!