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Yes, I’m still speaking of the festival of last week.

We made cheese. Or better, someone explained how to make cheese and we saw it happening. My mother-for-rent (aka mum of my best friend, when we were kids) used to make cheese (normal cheeses, ricotta, and also yoghurt and other products) from their goats’ milk.So I was brought back to my childhood.

However, I was a bit ignorant, I have to admit it. I didn’t know rennet
was made out of calfs’ stomach. And I am a vegetarian. Firstly I though “oh well, they kill calfs for the meat and then use the stomach to make rennet”. Then we came back home and bought rennet, read the package, and there it was, written in the smallest font on earth:

“made of calfs’ stomachs. The calfs have been killed on purpose for the making of this rennet”

Ugh. I carried out a bit of research and found out there are also vegetable rennets. But almost all of the cheeses employ the animal one. So, my question is: what am I supposed to do? I will carry out some more research soon, I want to know.

Anyhow, sorry for the randomness, I loved the workshop and I loved making cheese. We also made yoghurt. That doesn’t need any rennet. Roberto and I tried it at home, twice already, and it’s delicious and very satisfying. Hurray for yoghurt.