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On Saturday Roberto and I drove to Turin to pick up the last things I left in my apartment and leave it. forever.

There are not many things I will miss, but among the few I will miss:

  • The empty bottles of wine on the fridge. With all their dates and the names of who drunk them with us.
  • The frogs. My roommate and I love frogs, and our apartment was full of them, everywhere. And with everywhere I mean cups, puppets, toothbrush holder, pens, blankets, oh I could go on for hours.
  • My bed. It was the most comfortable bed, even if not the most beautiful.
  • One particular mug. I loved its colour, but it was not mine. Sad.
  • The market and my favorite fruit and vegetables stall.
  • Turin. A beautiful city.

Now, on the other hand, what I won’t miss:

  • Being alone most of the time / Life with my (almost never there) roommate.
  • The neigbours quarreling and yelling every single day.
  • The bars of the windows.
  • The nice parties my other neighbours threw. I loved the music, they played piano, sung etc but they always happened to be the night before an exam.
  • Freezing in the winter.
  • Studying day and night.
  • Some problems of these past two years, that I hope I left once and for all closing that door.

I did not feel much sadness and I was happy to come back to the nature. I know Turin will always be one of my favorite cities and I have lots of photos of the beautiful city to show you later on. But life is much better for me.