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The controversial annual dolphin hunt begins in Taiji, Japan today. The killings were the focus of the Academy award-winning documentary The Cove.

“September 1 is the start of an annual drive hunt, in which Japanese fishermen use the dolphin’s sonar as a means to capture them in the cove and cull them,” says Nicola Harris, dolphin campaigner.

“23,000 dolphins and porpoises are killed annually in Japan… [today] is an important day for dolphins because it is part of a annual migrational course in which they pass the beautiful beaches of Taiji.” (source)

People can be monstrous. I know there is a lot more to say: cultural backgrounds and traditions, and a lot more to think about. But I cannot just stay watching at this crueslty and think “Oh well, it’s a tradition”. I am not doing much, but I want you to visit this website and sign this petition, please.