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I did not forget it’s September, I just don’t want to think about it. This summer has been a bit strange and the weather has been really summery only in August, therefore I expect that September will still bring a little sunshine.

It started raining yesterday, it lasted two minutes, but it made me realize it really is September and that school is going to start for everyone in a couple of days, that everyone is heading back to the cities for their study, and that this year I will spend days driving to Turin and back because I have no home there anymore, but I have to meet a teacher for the dissertation I’m writing.

Tomorrow Roberto starts working again, and I am planning on writing the last little piece of the dissertation. On Tuesday I will be busy, on Wednesday I will go to Turin by train, meet the professor and sleep at my friend’s house. On Thursday I am going to a concert in Turin and then it will already be Friday!

We are staying in a little wooden house near my parents’ house at the moment, just to stay on our own and not to be always around my parents. It’s just a temporary solution, as we will go to Indonesia in November and then we are planning on moving to the Netherlands, and seeing and experiencing the world as much as possible. We “just” need a little money, and we are going to work hard to find jobs in Holland and earn the money we need.Sometimes future in confusing and scary, but it’s also exciting, right?

PS: ok, it will be fall in a while, I won’t complain, there are lots of things to look forward to: hot cups of tea, warm and cozy blankets, woolen socks and clothes to wear around the house, soups, storms.. bring it on!