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These past three weeks have been full of ideas, planning, driving, exploring and thinking. I know it’s something everyone does on a daily basis, but this time Roberto and I had the opportunity to do it together, to spend some time on our own, me and him, confronting our ideas and planning our tri to Indonesia.

He also found a new passion for cooking. For me.Β  He goes to the garden, picks some vegetables (tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, basil..) and comes back with an idea in his mind, using the veggies + some grains, whole wheat pasta or eggs. We both love organic ad healthy food, even if he’s a meat eater and I am not. He most of times avoids to eat meat when we are together, and I don’t mind if he decides to eat it (even if I prefer when he chooses local and organic). Then we pick some fruit, currently apples, grapes and figs, and make a fruit salad.

Unfortunately these three weeks are over: he’s going away for work again and I’m leaving tomorrow to stay two days in Turin to meet the teacher and some friends. It was nice spending these days together, finding a balance and our love for watching tv series, like Cold Case and Weeds, and the news every night, talking for hours and cuddling.

I am looking forward to see him again, I just have to wait for the weekend. It will be a good reward after these days of burocracy and organizing stuff.