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.. I was 12, and I was at the airport in Amsterdam waiting for the flight back home. In the music store at the airport I saw this cd, I had heard the first single of this singer on the radio once or twice and I kind of liked it, but most of all I liked Avril Lavigne’s backbone and her style.

I begged my mum to buy the cd, it was the first cd I wanted for myself. At first she refused, then rethought about it and decided she would spend the last money she had for that trip on that cd. It was a great decision.

I started listening to the cd over and over again, and she became my idol. I loved that she was so young, that she wasn’t girly and posh. I learnt all the lyrics by heart, in my incomprehensible English. I wanted her straight hair , her character (I was soooo shy) and her style.

The second cd came out and I loved it even more than the first. I must have been about 14. I knew everything about her, really.

I didn’t like the third cd that much, it was ca. 2007 and I was 17, I started to listen to other music, more rock from the 80s after meeting Roberto and more rock in general. Anyway, there was this concert of Avril in Rome in July 2007, and I wanted to go anyway, to see if I would have liked her live (I had seen some videos in which she didn’t exactly sing in tune), so my friend and I went all the way to Rome and back for the concert, and I came back being very satisfied and happy to have seen her. I loved her concert.

Still, I continued listening to other music. I stopped following her as I did before, maybe it just because I had grown and my taste had changed and continued changing.

This year her cd “Goodbye Lullabye” came out. I liked it, I have listened to it over and over again. I’m not that fond of her music anymore, but I really like the songs and in some way they just give me energy, or make me feel that I can be a teenager whenever I want. I can start jumping and dancing listening to her most energic songs and start feeling melancholic listening to the ballads.

Some months ago I heard she would have come to Turin, so I asked my friend to come with me. Also Roberto agreed to come (unfortunately he couldn’t take a day off, so I asked another friend of ours to ocme with me, it was great anyway and I was really happy she was there).

Thursday was the day of her concert. We were surrounded by parents with their children of about 12-13, and I went back to that age all over again. It’s funny that there was a great variety of people.

I am really really happy that I decided to go, the concert was great, she sung beautifully all her songs and the music was so good.

That being said, I’m back home for a weekend with Roberto. He will be away working overnights for whole weeks again, I am not happy about that, as we will see each other only on weekends and he will be tired as hell. However, I’m going to spend these two days trying not to think about it.

Have a fun weekend!