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After making the tiny jar of hazelnut butter I mentioned a few posts ago, I was excited to go picking loads of hazelnuts. Roberto and I left with some bags on his motorbike and came back with a few photos taken from the top of the valley, some blackberries and a daisy he picked for me as a consolation.

Why? Well, we stopped many times but didn’t see any hazenuts on the trees. Then we had a enlightment: we had to look on the ground! (ouch, shame on me). We picked a bunch, but when I tried to open one there was nothing inside. We noticed many nuts were already broken on the ground. There was ust one explanation to this mistery: squirrels. There was not one hazelnut that actually contained a nut. Not one. So we left the nuts for the squirrels and opted for blackberries.

I’m still writing the dissertation, doing burocracy stuff and watching movies all alone, while Roberto is away for work. By the way, any movie I should totally watch?

Have a great day!