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I’m writing this in the cabin, where we don’t have Internet, so I will probably post it tomorrow morning. Fog is coming down from the mountains and I hear the crickets outside.
Seeing summer memories on other blogs made me go back to all the photos I took these past few months: so many! Remember when I was a bit melancholic and sad yesterday? Well, looking at those photos I realized I did a lot of funny things this summer. I know I studied a lot and I felt imprisoned, I had exams and I wrote the dissertation. But I also had so much fun on weekends! I really have to learn to be happy at the moment I am living it, not just later when I realize it actually was a great day.

These are some of my favorite moments this year (just the first collage, you are warned!)

1 Days in the home I grew up in.
2 Driving to Turin with Roberto.
3, 4 & 9 Picking raspberries, cherries and strawberries.
5 We went climbing!
6 Moments in the garden: that day with a bonfire and grilled veggies.
7 Sunsets in our favorite place
8 Hiking and talking for hours

Have a nice weekend!