The blog has been quiet this week, I know, but my life hasn’t.

On Wednesday I drove to Turin with my mum. My dissertation was ready,  the teacher said it was ok and that I could bind it after correcting the last few things. On Thursday I finished editing it and on Friday I drove back to Turin another time, on my own this time, to have some papers signed and go to the photocopy shop. This means I will probably graduate next month!

So today I feel like it’s weekend for me too. I slept, read, cleaned the cabin and my room and reorganized the sidebar of the blog (the old one disappeared some days ago, without a reason). I also tried Google+, add me if you  have an account! I also entered a photography contest, so plese vote for me if you like the three photos I took and chose to share. You just need to “like” the page on facebook or vote using your twitter account. Thank you!!

On another note: I haven’t seen Roberto for a week and he just texted me that he’s driving back from Milan. I hope he will be here soon and that there won’t be many other weeks of him working in Milan.

Have a nice weekend!