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Having too many plans is not the best idea. The more plans you have the bigger is the poabability that something goes wrong. I’ve learnt that these past few years.

Planning on going to University and having lots of fun. Planning on going out as much as possible, planning on going to live in Italy forever (yes, I started University with this idea). Just to realize life doesn’t always go the way you planned. Life takes its own path, even if you wanted to take the shortcut.

I had many expectations. I was flabbergasted.

I didn’t have all the fun I had wished. (I have had some fun, though, and I am determined to remember the evenings I went out with my friends, drunk a beer, talked about silly things, laughed and went home a bit too late even if the day after we had an exam. I will treasure those beautiful moments).

Other problems may set in and all the plans you made will go up in smoke.

For this reason I am trying not to plan my future too much into detail. At least I try not to.

Next month I will graduate and the only thing I know is that thereafter I will travel to Indonesia and stay one month. When I’ll come back I want to move to Holland. But how? Where? .. All these questions are constantly whirlwinding in my mind and people around me continue asking. I don’t know! (hey, I’m writing and editing my Curriculum, though, so don’t worry about that, ok?).

I am struggling not to plan everything. But I am also enjoying and looking forward to live life as it comes, fighting the insecurities and welcoming the unexpected.