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Yesterday was a pretty pointless day. But the day before yesterday was a superexciting one, so I think yesterday cae just to counterbalance life.

Starting with Wednesday: I drove to Turin, met my friend Andrea, picked up the printed copies of my dissertation, did a lot (really, a loooot) of burocracy stuff and finally handed in the dissertation to both the administration office and the dissertation supervisor. Then I drove all the way back home.

That was pretty much it, I know it sounds boring, but it means that in about a month I will graduate!

As for yesterday: I hoped to go and pick up Roberto, who was supposed to come back from Milan in the late afternoon. He has been working nights (he’s an electrician) for some weeks. He is having a tough time, sometimes he works 13 hours a day (or a night) and sometimes he also has to switch from nights to days all of a sudden. And I am sad I can’t be with him to encourage him and give him a hug. Every week they say he hasn’t to go back to Milan the week after and that he won’t work nights anymore, but then they call him and tell him that they changed their minds again. It’s frustrating.

Yesterday he should have come home at the end of the day, but texted me that they were still working and that he couldn’t come here. I am getting used to the last minute changes. At the beginning I got mad at him, but now I see it’s not his fault and that he’s feeling bad about it too. So, basically yesterday I spent the day waiting for him and thinking that I want him to be happy and smile. I cleaned my room, helped my dad painting the floor and stayed oline the whole day. I felt useless and just thought I had to do something, but I didn’t know what.

I am happy we will leave after I graduate, and even if it will be even a tougher time for him and us in the Netherlands (he will have to learn Dutch, we will have to be brave,  look for a new job, settle for every job we find, etc), if we finally make it, we will be proud and gratified.

Today I will do anything to see him.

And tomorrow another weekend will come and also another month. October will bring great things, and so does November. Have a nice weekend!