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First of all I want to thank the people who directly or indireclty commented on my last post: you are all so kind and I appreciate your words very much, thanks!

Moving on to moving!

I will share with you guys the steps, struggles and successes of our

move to the Netherlands.

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Yesterday I translated my CV, which had also to be updated with a couple of collaborations, jobs and also courses I did and attended. It was pretty awesome that this year was also quiet productive after all.

Dutch won’t be much of a problem for me, as it will be for Roberto. At the moment I am teaching him half an hour/an hour a day depending on how late he comes home. The difficult part is keeping all the words in mind and I can tell you Dutch is a hard language to learn. I’m sure it will be a bit easier and effective when he’ll be there and will have no other choice than trying.

In these four years he naturally acquired the knowledge of many basic words and he understands a lot when I talk with my family, but talking himself is a whole other aspect.

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After having translated the CV I looked for an apartment. Roberto and I want to live in Leiden, a beautiful small city with many university students and lovely people. I love the atmosphere, the look of the city and the sound of the bells of the city hall is wonderful. I was born in the Netherlands, as you may know, but never lived there and never even went to the city I was born in after my birth. In fact, when people ask me from which part of Holland I come I tend to tell them I come from Leiden.

The prices are pretty high, considering that we both have some savings, but not for much time, and that we will both have to look for a job quickly to earn our living. The househunting is still a bit general, because we will move around the beginning of the year, and all the offers are for now, so I have to wait to look more properly.
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Then I started looking for a job, just for fun for the moment, but I really liked that I found some nice opportunities involving language skills. That is what I am pointing at.Let’s keep our fingers crossed!