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It’s fall. Time for chestnuts!

I used to make these little spoons with my parents when I was little. It’s a cute idea, useful and looks good on a rustic table setting.

You know the parts of chestnut that were supposed to become a chestnut, but somehow ended up being a (seemingly) useless empty chestnut skin/shell? Look at the photos to understand what I mean because I have no idea how to explain myself.


You’ll need:

  • the above mentioned part of a chestnut
  • a toothpick
  • an eggcup

You just have to remove the little end (that with a few little thorns), take the toohpick, remove one pointed end (just break it with your hands) and insert the other point in the shell of the chestnut, where you removed the thorns.


Fill the eggcup with salt and use the minispoon to sprinkle.

How easy is that?