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We have been thinking and talking about tattoos a lot lately. Just randomly. We shared ideas and doubts. I am afraid of getting used to it, that I start hating it. Roberto is waiting for the right moment and the right idea, the tattoo has to carry its meaning, of course.

On the other hand, we have had these rings for four years now. I remember wondering if it wasn’t too soon for buying a ring to symbolize our love after just a few months of dating. I was thrilled and felt insecure if buying that rings at the same time. Well, fast forward of four years, and we are still here, and I’m still not regretting the purchase.

Since we are not planning to get married (anyway soon/ not at all), and we have been talking about tattoos, also tattoos involving words, which we decided to be too risky. And since we have been wanting to engrave something in these rings for a while now, I came up with the idea of deciding on a word. Not a year. Not our names. Just a word.

After coming up with some predictable words, and some silly ones, we decided to choose each the word for the other one’s ring.



We are aiming at them, and we are working hard to get at least a little closer.=)