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reading: my dissertation and notes over and over again
listening: the wind blowing outside
craving: a hot shower
drinking: coffee
wearing: pyjamas
feeling: good, quite relaxed
wanting: to feel comfortable while presenting my dissertation
needing: to go outside and enjoy this sunny day of autumn
enjoying:breakfast with R

I won’t be much around this week. This is because I want to focus on my dissertation on the last few days leading to graduation. I can’t believe these years are almost over and I want to do my best in these last few days as I did these years. (This was a sort of autogenic training; “I can do it, I can do it, I can do it“. Sometimes I walk around the house being anxious and then just randomly say “Bring it on, I’m not scared!”, sometimess I believe in what I’m saying for a minute or two).

I wish you all a great week.