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The Ivy is turning red, really red. Like that lonely apple there. The only apple of that tree and we cannot even reach it, poor thing.

This weekend Roberto and I stayed home. I have to learn to stay in bed longer than 1 minute after I wake up and watch a movie without going for a walk around the house every 5 minutes. This weekend was all about this: learning to relax. I make up all kinds of excuses not to sit down, “I have to do the laundry”, “I have to read my dissertation for the onehundredseventyseventh time”, ” I have to tell my mum not to wash the dishes before she does, because I want to do it, I have to do it”, arg.

Anyway, I passed level 1: watching a movie without going for random walks (exception made for the bathroom). It felt good, and level 2: not jumping up at the very moment I wake up, just to prepare breakfast for R. He will love you even if you don’t do it  for once.

Aaand an Update about language. Dutch. Is. So. Hard. To. Learn.                   Buuut, Roberto came home on Friday evening telling me the verbs “to be”, “to have” and “to drink” (I wonder why he chose this verb, haha), the months, the days of the week, the seasons, the hours ( “Hoe laat is het?” “Het is tien over half drie”, that means “ten after half an hour to three o’clock. Really? Couldn’t it be somewhat easier? I mean 2.40 isn’t enough? Poor boy). And every now and then he said something like “Me and you, hug?” (Jij en ik, knuffelen”) or also “We go cuddle on couch together” (“Wij gaan samen knuffelen op couch(bank)”) . How sweet is that? Seeing someone really putting a lot of effort in learning a new language, and such a difficult one, is extraordinary, even if sometimes it’s like I’m holding a gun to his head to make him study. I’m proud anyway.

At the moment, R is working nights in Milan, next week he will have two days off for my graduation (yay!) and then he’ll probably leave again. Knowing that there are only three weeks left make us so much stronger, though.

Tonight I had a sleepless night of thinking, thinking, thinking.. but yoga made me feel better and teaching Italian to some lovely ladies made me feel even better. Refreshed I will now start reading the dissertation for the onehundredseventyeighth time. Bye!