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From Bogor we went to Bandung by taxi, actually by a sort of minibus they call “traveller” told me a lady who travelled with us. The journey was a hell because R and I were both ill. In Bandung we stayed in a hotel which was terrible: very dirty and not even as cheap as the other hotels we stayed in during the whole trip. It wouldn’t have been a great problem if we weren’t very sick and both were experencing, let’s say, intestinal problems. For this reason we didn’t eat anything and stayed in bed the whole afternoon, evening, night and morning after. Then we collected all our strenght to move to another hotel.

This time we decided to stay in a more expensive one, and wait until we would feel better. The only thing I managed to eat was nasi putih (steamed white rice), the holy nasi putih. We wanted to leave Bandung soon, maybe because we mentally associated it with our poor condition.

The day after we took the train to Yogyakarta. The eight hours spent in the train passed quite quickly because we had an incredible amount of things to see: rice fields, children coming back from school, women doing the household, and also people who asked for charity and a lot of poverty. That, of course, made us reflect about their lives and ours as well.

I think the journey we made that day by train opened a whole conscience in me, that previously had been neglected by myself.