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In Yogyakarta we were welcomed by the mass of taxi driver that are to be found everywhere where tourist are. In fact, there were more tourists in Yogya than in the cities we visited before.

We stayed in Yogyakarta for 6 nights. R. already felt better, but I grew more and more ill (actually after drinking come pastorized milk I had bought at the supermarket and had checked the date of expiry of, still don’t know why I got that sick). So I had to stay in our room for another 3 days.

Also, organizing some visits to temples etc we had problems with the paying. Our credit card system didn’t work for two days and were getting really nervous about how to get to the end of the journey with so little cash money left, and we were already thinking about Money Transfer systems etc. At the end, after walking aorund Jl. Malioboro for something like 24 times and trying all the ATMs, after two days, we managed to get our money of of the damn machine (we also did a happy dance when we heard the machine counting the money).

Exception made for these accidents, we enjoyed Yogyakarta very much. Drivers of Becaks were eveywhere an people asking to come and visit their batik studio also, but we got used to it and we learned how to deal with it.

In Yogya we did some shopping, visited the Pasar Seni (the main market), the Kraton, and just enjoyed the nice gangs between the main streets. The best restaurants in our opinion were in the two gangs (gang I and gang II) and we loved all our meals.

One day was entirely dedicated to visiting the beautiful temples of Borobudur and Prambanan. These constructions are SO beautiful! We arrived in Borobudur at sunrise and enjoyed the fresh breeze of the morning climbing to the temple. Unfortunely at the end of our visit the classes of students arrived. Literally everyone asked us to take a photo with them. They wanted to know where we came from, why we had such funny noses and somtimes they just wanted to touch us as if we were UFOs.

In Prambanan it was less crowdy, we got the chance to walk around “freely” without having to take too many photos. The temples are beautiful, each is dedicated to one particular god and each one is enriched with beautiful statues and reliefs.

When I felt better we walked around the city for another day or two, but we didn’t go up to the volcano (Mount Merapi) and missed out some other great things to see. But we had to go on with our journey. The next destination was Bali, but only ofter a 21 hours journey by bus. Our credit card was refused by the airlines, so we had to take the bus: another great adventure.