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As I previously wrote, we had to take the bus to Bali, because booking a flight was made impossible for us.

We started our journey meeting a young Indonesian guy who didn’t speak a word of English. We tried to have a ocnversation by using the few words we had learnt, but he answered pretty fast and we didn’t actually understand anything. But he was nice. After some confusing and awkward moments he started listening some music: he was listening to a sonf by the Scorpions Roberto loves, so they started singing together. It was such a great thing to see.

On the bus people looked at us: we were the only foreigners and I was the only woman. But this time I didn’t feel as if I were criticised, they were more interested and curious about us. We talked to a couple of people when we stopped for dinner at a motorway restaurant, they were curious about why I am vegetarian and laughed when I ate some rice with sambal and started coughing (you know, I’m used to way milder sambal!).

The night was spent trying to get some sleep, but it was pretty difficult. The driver tried some really dangerous surpasses, and I thought I would be death the morning after a few times.

Our back were aching, but at 5 am, when I woke up, the sun was rising and the outline of the island of Bali welcomed us.

We waited for the ferry and when on beard we drunk a cup of coffee and talked with some other people. A woman suggested us to explore the island and told us that we would find ourselves there.

Once arrived on the other shore we immediately noticed the difference between the two islands: religion most of all, and therefore also clothing, rituals, daily routine and.. animals! Lots of cows and also some dogs I didn’t see elsewhere.

After a very long trip we finally arrived at the busstation of Denpasar. From there we had to take a taxi, one of those which we were warned not to take. But it was 9 in the morning after a whole night barely sleeping, no other taxis were to be found and so we went for it. In fact he took the longest way to get to Kuta and we even passed form the same place a couple of times, and at the end we payed more than what the meter told and he didn’t even give us the change, but simply took our baggage, threw it on the (very busy) road and drove away while people honked at us and other people offered us “transport” and “massages”. You can probably teel we were eager to find a hotel and get some sleep.

Finding a hotel was difficult and finally we chose one a bit above our budget, just for one night, just not to fall asleep in the middle of Kuta. We had a shower and then tried to sleep a little. At the end of the day we went for a walk on the beach. It was wonderful, I loved the atmosphere, there was people surfing, people drinking a beer and playing guitar and others watching the sunset.

There were many many many tourists, there was much more craziness then we expected, but we were in Kuta, drinking a beer while watching the sunset, wearing a dress in December. We couldn’t complain.