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2011 in review, from January to April

I didn’t love 2011 at first. It had a very stressful start, I remember having to study 8 books for German Literature. And that was just one of the exams I had to study for.

1) I tried a Latte Macchiato for the first time! I have been living in Italy my whole life, and never tried it before. I thought it would be just like Caffรจ Macchiato. But now I can tell I was wrong. Latte Macchiato is a whole different thing. Try it!

2) It was cold, I was away from Roberto, I lived alone and my mood was very very bad most of the time. I took pictures of things, just because I was bored. Like these shoes, very comfy shoes I bought and still tresure because, even if I feel quite masculine wearing them, they keep my feet warm.

3) Then, in February, my two friends and I went to London. We had a great time there. I had already been there, but I like the city so much, I would go again and again.. That relieved a bit of our study stress and returning home we were a bit more ready to start the secod semester.

4) In one of the weekends of March, R. and I went to Gubbio. It was a nice little village, with beautiful architecture.

5) Around March I started realizing that I could be happier just by going out, also by myself (I hate doing things on my own, I always think that it’s not worth anything), that if I would have explored the city, found the nice things (also the little stupid ones people often talk about and that I, at that time, didn’t find anywhere) of life..I would have created a whole different life for myself and my mood would have at least been a bit better.Partly, I was right.

6) One of the little things I started really appreciating was the time spent with my little nephew. He has been growing incredibly this year and everytime I saw him he was different and could do something new. First he started walking more and more, and then he started talking more and more. If at the beginning of the year I still had to get used to having a nephew, now he’s one of us and I really cannot imagine a life without his little smiling face.

7) When Italy turned 150 years old there were big celebrations around the city, which has been the first capital city. It was a fun couple of days.

8) I continued taking photos of things. But this time I really treasured the photos themselves and the things I took the photos of. I was not doing it out of boredom anymore, my passion for photography was developing and I wanted to improve my skills by trying an trying again, snapping and snapping until I learned something new.

9) When the trains allowed me to go home (this year the number of times that the train got cancelled or delayed, or just broke in the middle of nowhere was incredible) R. and I tried to have a good time together. For example we took old vintage clothes and sunglasses and dressed up. It was so funny!

10) When coming home I taught. Teaching Italian to foreign people living in Italy is nice. I loved seeing them evolve, learn and also be pleased by my means of teaching.

11) Easter was of course spent painting eggs, and searching them around the garden. It is a tradition I love.

12) Finally, in April R and I went for long walks. We went to my old home twice. We slept there. It is abandoned, and coming there brought up so many memories from my childhood.