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Woah, how many things happened between May and August! All these images have been carefully chosen amongst billions and still I had to squeeze them into the square.

Ok, in May lessons at Uni ended and exams started, so I spent hours and hours studying and figuring out if I still had a life outside of that. I had.Because.. we walked to my old home again and found some old gadgets and photos of my dad (1).

I drove to and from Turin many many many times, mostly on my own, sometimes with my mum or with R. (2)

When the temperatures started raising we improvised barbecues (3). Also all kinds of fruit were growing in the garden (4, 5, 6, 23) and this year I became pretty obsessed by them. I really really loved them, I spent hours in the garden, and took more photos of fruit than of my family and friends, haha.

I started taking photography more and more seriously (7, 8, 9).

We pic-nicked on the beach a couple of times (10, 14, 15), also when we celebrated our 4 years of dating (20) and when it was time to celebrate San’t Erasmo, a beautiful tradition here (17). We tried out many new and healthy recipes trying to use as many products of our garden as possible (11, 12, 18, 21) and we walked a long way to our friends to bake some homemmade pizza (22).

I also dyed the tips of my hair a couple of times using red, purple, pink, blach and blue. Unfortunetely they didn’t last long (13).

We went to Jack Johnson’s concert. If I already like hs music, now I love it (16).

We enjoyed some time with our nephew. We took him to the beach. That day I saw one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen (19).

We drove to a 4-day art and music festivalΒ  in a beautiful place in the middle of nowhere (24) and, finally, I said goodbye to my house in Turin (25). Huge sigh.

So, I did study a lot really, but we also had the time to have some great experiences and live this summer. Even more when I finished all the exams, it was such a relief!