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So, this is the last day of 2011.. I had a love-relationship with this year. As I said the beginning wasn’t great, but the end, oh mym the end was the best I could imagine. So here’s the end of this review: September – December 2011.

In September, while autumn was approaching and apples (1) and nuts (2) were replacing strawberries and raspberries, I was driving to and from Turin many many times, I was spending hours behind the screen editing my final dissertation, doing burocracy (8) stuff and becoming quite nervous because the day of graduation was approaching.

To relax a little R. and I went for long walks (4), made things out of shells (5) and decorated the small cabin we were living in (6). With my friends I went to the concert of Avril Lavigne (3).

R. was very tired because he worked nights in Milan (7) and when weekend came he was tiredtiredtired and I had to work on my dissertation (9), so we didn’t get the chance to really enjoy our time together. These were some stressful months. But when we allowed ourselves to take a break we always went for walks on the beach or on the mountains. It was even better when our nephew was with us. We love him (10).

The 24th of October everyone had taken a day off. It was a very important day for me: my graduation (11). I discussed the dissertation, everything went even better that I had expected. We celebrated and celebrated, I was so happy that day! My family, my friends (that I would sadly not see often anymore) and R. were with me!

It was a great day, maybe the best one of 2011.

This year we even celebrated Halloween, just for fun and because we were still in a party-mood (12).

Then, on the 15th of November we left for Indonesia! We were so excited! During the month spent in Indoneisa in learned many many things. I had the chance to visit both the poor kampungs (13) and the beautiful temples (15) and we were documenting everything with our cameras (14), snapping and snapping while enjoying the beautiful things to see.

When we arrived on Bali we relaxed on the beautiful beaches (16), we surfed and I had a fantastic day on my birthday, sipping coconut water (18) and seeing a beautiful sunset (17). When the last day came we enjoyed watching the last of these beautiful sunsets (19). The day after we left (20) happy and excited again, because we would see our families again, in the meantime my brother had arrived from Holland. We celebreated Christmas all together watching movies and documentaries, playing board games and talking.

R. and I have been organizing the next huge step in our lives: moving to the Netherlands. We will leave on the 3rd of January, beginning the new year with a fresh start.

Usually I am not that excited for New Year’s Eve, but this year it’s different.

Mmmh, I am smelling the Oliebollen my dad is making..it means it’s time to celebrate!