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It is rainy and foggy outside. The last things are packed. Way too early of course, in a couple of hours I will be looking for my teethbrush and find out it’s on the bottom of a box soon.

We will leave tomorrow evening and I am already ready on my chair waiting for the moment to arrive. However, my mind wispers always things to do in my ear. So I’m baking bread.

This evening I will invite R. to dinner! We will go to a pizzeria, you know, Italians and food go along well, and if you separate an Italian from “his” food for a long time, he becomes nervous. Just kidding. I will miss Italian food too, but we will have many new ones to discover in Holland!

This is sort of a random post, but, well, I’M NERVOUS AND EXCITED. I really mean it! EEEkkkk I am both melancholic and happyhappy, I could just do a happy dance right now and then sit and stare at nothing for a couple of minutes, then start dancing again. I don’t know, just do as if it were normal and forgive me. I’m finally moving!!!

Bye and have a nice evening!