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Days are flying by. I don’t know if it’s just the Dutch “drukdrukdruk” (busybusybusy) mind-set or it’s that starting a whole new chapter means having to organize many things. Every day we do so many things that at the end of the day I’m always like “how did the day start? What did I do exactly today?”.

Anyway. There is some huge big happy news here.

Number one. We found an appartment we really like. I’ts small, but it has two rooms. We have to share the bathroom, but we have our own kitchen. It isn’t cheap, but neither too expensive. We still have to get through some formalities, but we are really hoping this will all work out. Keep your fingers crossed!

Number two. The newest news. Today I had a job interview. I was really nervous because there was an accident on the highway, so I almost arrived late. I didn’t, eventually, but still I was a bit unsettled.  I wasn’t really sure about how it went, but then they called me to say I am exactly the person they are looking for and that I got the job!!! I am so happy! Most of all because I will work using the languages I know on a daily basis, and of course also because I will earn the money I need to pay the rent. Yippie!!

I will take the rest of the day to enjoy a glass of wine, eat dinner with friends and browse some blogs.