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I like paying attention at every detail. Ever since we moved I noticed so many, and sometimes also obvious, differences between Italians and the Dutch, between the cultures, the lifestyle and tons of other things. I’d like to remember all the differences I found since moving here, so I thought of making some kind of series of what I noticed when coming to the Netherlands. Probably I would forget all the little differences and get used to them, and I like most of them, so I’d like to remember them in some way.

Source: flickr.com via May on Pinterest


I will not start writing about the ( obvious) bycicle or about the weather, even if I think I will eventually write about them as well. I’d like to start with flowers, instead.

When there is market on Wednesday and Saturday many people buy flowers (of course, tulips are the Dutch’s favorites) to make their homes look more welcoming. Walking through the streets of Leiden we noticed that many families put some flowers on the windowsill: it looks so fresh and colorful!

It can be because of the big difference between the Dutch and the Italian houses (I want to write about it in another post) and their windows. Or also because I lived on the “Riviera dei Fiori” (flowers’ riviera) and I always saw flowers as being used just to be sold and to make money. Anyway, I have never seen people buying that many bunches of flowers. I love this tradition, and eventhough we won’t have a big windowsill in our new apartment (yessss, it’s ours!!) I want to follow my fellow contrymen/women and decorate our home with beautiful colorful tulips.

Source: flickr.com via Angela on Pinterest