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During the three years I live in Turin I never really loved my apartment. Most of the time I was alone and when my roommate was there we didn’t have the usual college fun. I didn’t really decorate the house because I felt it was going to be over soon, even if I lived there for three long years. You understand why it never really grew from being a house to being a home to me.

This time, instead, I am looking forward to making our new tiny apartment be a home. We have lots of ideas and fortunately we share pretty much the same taste with regard to decorating : furniture, kitchenware, linen.. we like it light, sandy or pastel. Another thing we both love is having many very colorful dishes, cups and glasses; a bit in contrast with the rest.

Since we have to wait another 5 days (which look endless to me) to enter our apartment, I’d like to share some photos that inspire me and are just my style. With the small budget we have I’m looking forward to find old/used pieces of furniture and to completely renew them in our free time.

Oh, and I am a great fan of cups and mugs, so I will need one room just for my collection which will be ever-growing (just like in the last pic)