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What happens when you share keys with your boyfriend and he goes to work?

What happens? Of course I keep the key; maybe I want to go out..but then I decide I don’t want to go out on my own, I stay at home, watch the most stupid programs on tv, read, study the last bit of Dutch grammar, work out, eat, do the laudry..and then I get tired. I decide to go to bed, to read maybe another couple of pages.Ā  My eyes cross and I decide I’ll try to sleep, but I’ll keep my phone close to bed so that I can go open the door when R. calls. Oh wait, I’ll use the ringtone that says “beep” only, so that I won’t scare the hell out of me when he calls….

My eyes are wide open. I hear someone in the other room: it must be a thief!! Help!! A thief! Yes, it is a thief.. No..wait..he’s eating.. and he puts away what he’s just used..What the..

This is what happened yesterday night. I fell asleep and didn’t hear the phone. I left R. waiting for me to hear it for 15 minutes, until fortunately a girl came out of the building and opened the door for him (otherwise he would have still been there this morning) .

What a terrible girlfriend I am. =)