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Hello lovely people!

I haven’t shown my face on this blog for a long while now. I don’t love photos of me and I didn’t love this photo at first. But after adding the sepia I actually loved the result.

Some news: tomorrow we are moving in the new apartment!

I thought I couldn’t be happier, but then R. received a call from his boss who told him that he can be a chef assistant. So tomorrow I‘ll move all our stuff on my own, but I will be happy to know R. is doing something he likes.

Yesterday we went to a friend who teaches R. some Dutch (and I teach Italian to her) by bike while it was snowing. It was both scary and magical and you immediately saw that we weren’t born here. Hey wait… I was born here.. ahh whatever. You got it.

I don’t exactly know how these two things are linked. No sintactical rules were use here. I am just happy.

I can’t believe we moved to the Netherlands less than a month ago and we already both have a job and an apartment!!