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Yesterday we met the estate agent and got the keys of the apartment. The pink wallpaper shocked us a bit, we didn’t remember it that pink. It was freezing cold and it was difficult to move our stuff from my brother’s to the apartment, so we bought the first few indispensable things (like the coffee machine, of course!) and then I went measuring the rooms for today’s trip to Ikea.

Moreover, finally, as from today we are leideners! We worked out the last burocracies and got welcomed in the Netherlands by a very friendly city hall employee.

We drove to the Ikea and spent a few hours buying basic things: a mattress, cutlery, one small (and cheap!) tv stand that we’ll be using as a table for the first couple of weeks. Back in Leiden it was freezing cold (-4°C, but we felt like it was -20°C). I’m happy we are on the couch cuddling right now, the last evening watching tv on a sofa for a while..