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If during the first couple of days in our new apartment I was bored, waiting for R. to come home after work (12pm or later that is), browsing the Internet, freezing and hugging the radiator (-11°C, brrr!).. now I have plenty of things whirlwinding through my mind. I was getting a little nervous after seeing our clothes in bags for a week. They still are there, but what I realized is that I don’t have “just to wait until we have money enough to buy a new wardrobe”.. I can also do things, not only buy things. So I went to the second-hand store, we went back today..and came back with a (almost) new dresser! We didn’t spend much money at all and now I’ve plenty of ideas. Win-win!

When I’ll be working I won’t have enough time to do these things..and I’ll be working pretty soon. Also, R. and I won’t see each other much because he work evenings and I work early mornings and afternoons. I work from Monday to Friday. He works from Tuesday to Sunday. Therefore I hang this sheet of paper on the door, to leave notes, together with a calendar I sketched yesterday night.

At the moment I’m tearing off the pink wallpaper and sanding the dresser. I’m looking forward to paint it!

I wish you a fun and cosy weekend!!