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I was picking some bananas to buy yesterday, when I read they came from Columbia. Actually I felt a bit dizzy when reading this, I thought of the incredible distance that these bananas have, let’s say, travelled. (I also had a huge migraine yesterday, so maybe I was feeling dizzy because of that).

When I was about 14 I watched a documentary in class regarding tha banana plantations in South America. I promised I would never have bought bananas again. I always make these kind of decisions immediately and then I cannot stand by what I said. Only when I told I was going to be vegetarian I told the complete thruth. I try to buy as much organic as I can, but when I don’t find the product I’m looking for I just buy the non-organic version.

Anyway, when I saw these bananas (R. is eating 2-3 a day actually, he’s in a banana phase of his life, haha) they also reminded me of a person: there was this sweet old woman on a beach in Indonesia. She had a little wooden stall (in the photo below) on the white-sanded, beautiful beach. She sold food, any kind of food: mie, nasi, salads, milkshakes..

It was my birthday, but she, of course, didn’t know. We bought had bought a coconut twice from her (she literally picked up the fresh ones who just fell from the tree). We were heading home after a day of sunbathing and swimming and said “bye” to her, as we where leaving the little town the day after. She told us to wait..went in the hut and came back with these bananas. Real bananas. Real mini bananas.

I was so happy, she was so kind! We kept them and ate it during the evening. I can tell you it was the most delicious banana I’ve ever eaten.

All this to remind myself to buy organic bananas if I really have to buy some. And also to say that I will never forget the sweet woman’s face.